Holiday Let Renovation

Winner: HSA ‘Best Holiday Home Transformation 2020’

This property was inherited through a generation and its age was apparent… We fully ripped out the house, removing all signs of 50-year-old fatigue — whilst maintaining a ‘70s vintage groove with iconic sliding doors partitioning the main space. Dealing solely with Jo, the client experienced unheard of seamlessness throughout.
We drew focus to a stunning feature of the home that had been taken for granted — a large window and an incredible view. We enhanced the framing of this scene and used it to our advantage to fill the indoor space with light, complemented with the perfect palette to create an oceanic calm for its guests.
Extra care was also taken with the functionality of the home, by modernising everything in sight, as well as the plumbing.

Twenty-four hours after the property was listed. It was fully booked for a month.